Kevin believes the high quality of his work and successful relationships with clients are the best advertising.

“Kevin’s work is meticulous, efficient and of the highest quality. He has a great attitude, is an absolute pleasure to communicate with, and met every oddball request I gave him with the utmost level of creativity and professionalism. He’s a real pleasure to work with and I’m looking forward to doing so again.”

Jesse Harlin
Music Supervisor on Star Wars Kinect video game
LucasArts, a Lucasfilm Ltd. Company

“I can’t say enough about working with Kevin. We gave him one of the most difficult creative challenges I have been a part of and he exceeded all of our expectations. He worked non stop to find the right tone and character for the music and brought together the right talent to pull it off… no small task with stakeholders ranging between George Lucas and Gwen Stefani on a single track. It’s also just a blast hanging with him. Can’t wait to work with him again!”

Chris Esaki
Principal Design Director
Microsoft Studios | Sports Entertainment Group

“I couldn’t be happier with the work Kevin did on our project “Star Wars Kinect.” Kevin was responsible for recreating, arranging and producing the dance remake music tracks for our Dance Mode and came through for us with flying colors. Everyone on the team was amazed with the quality and professionalism of the tracks and it really made this part of the game shine.”

Kyle Richards
Music & Sound Director
Terminal Reality, Inc.

“Kevin Afflack is a director’s and producer’s dream. He brings a great variety of composing and recording talent to the table himself and easily accesses more from others. He’s a true collaborator — intent upon understanding others,
eager to contribute ideas, and driven to maximize the result. His work enriched our creative process and elevated the film.”

Daniel A. Meisel
Writer/Producer on the movie “All She Can”
Kapok Pictures, LLC

“Kevin Afflack was one of the principle composers on our feature film “Pearl” and I consider him a vital component in it’s success. The scores he contributed to the film were absolutely essential in imbuing crucial scenes with the spirit, emotion, and energy needed to bring them to life and engage the audience. The film is a period piece set in rural Oklahoma of the 1920s and centers on pioneering aviators of the time. Kevin was able to craft scores with exactly the right mix of authentic feel and instrumentation while combining them with very memorable melodies.

We have received innumerable compliments on the quality of the film scores from audience members around the world and they routinely express admiration for Kevin’s work. In addition to his compositional and performance skills, Kevin was also very enjoyable to work with and I highly recommend him as a consummate professional and talented musician.”

David Rennke
Producer on the movie “Pearl”
Media 13 Productions

“Kevin is a tremendous talent who always delivers exactly what the production needs. He plays all the stringed instruments, he excels in all styles and has great depth in acoustic music performance. His music has emotional impact, energy and the highest production value; simply brilliant!”

Roy Machado
Creative Director/President
Dallas Audio Post Group

“Kevin is an amazingly talented composer, musician, programmer, and guitar player. He has been a vital part of our creative team. His approach is always innovative and his attention to detail and quality are impressive on all levels.”

Chad Cook
VP/Creative Director – Stephen Arnold