This is a very brief sampling of the wide range of genres and styles we compose and produce.
Please contact us for a custom reel based on your needs.

From Activision's "The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct"

Daryl's Theme

Dead End Street

From LucasArts & Microsoft Games "Kinect Star Wars" Dance Mode

Empire Today


I'm Han Solo



Princess In A Battle


We Speak No Huttese

Hologram Girl

Dance Until You Drop-Huttese

From the film "All She Can (Benavides Born)"

Benavides Born Rap

All She Can Lift

All She Can Give

From the film "Pearl"


Porch Swing

Pearl's Theme

From National Geographic's "Expedition Great White"

Dangerous Depths

Sneak Attack

Texas Ranger's Promo

Texas Ranger's Backyard

Sliding Into First

From Reality Poker Tournament show "The Split"

Up River

From the Ghostbuster Video Game


Spiders Everywhere

Haunted and Hunted

Assorted Projects

Hope Is Here

Poker Face

Healing Hands

The Long Road Home

Shaken Not Stirred